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Brazil won the first two games (for Sweden and Spain these defeats were the heaviest at a World Cup up to that point) and already looked like the new world champions because a draw would be enough in the last game against Uruguay, who were initially unconvincing. The following two games against Bulgaria and Peru were also won, giving Germany their best start at a World Cup to date. ↑ According to page 28 of the book cited (La Historia de las Copas del Mundo; see sources), Mexico's jersey was wine red with dark blue shorts and socks until 1952, before the green jersey with white shorts (and initially green socks) that is common today ) was introduced (see overview of historical jerseys of the Mexican national team). Although there were only two groups of four, one group of three and one pair of two, there were still 16 games (instead of 24) in the first group phase, including three involving the host team.

In addition to his four goals in the first final round, he scored one goal in the second round games against Sweden and Yugoslavia as well as the decisive 1-0 win in the game for third place. Despite the cancellation of three teams, the format was retained. Information about the individual groups and squads of the teams by clicking on the respective link. Germany and Japan were not members of FIFA at the time and were therefore not allowed to send teams. Some cities had announced that they would not be setting up public viewing screens for the 2012 European Championships this year because the immense costs were no longer affordable and sponsors were withdrawing. The games were played in stadiums in six Brazilian cities. In Brazil, 14 referees and 11 additional linesmen from 18 different associations were deployed for the 22 games. However, the Brazilian association protested against this because they wanted as many games as possible because at that time most of the income was generated directly through the sale of tickets. When he wanted to attend a Brazilian national team training session in 1993, he was refused entry on the grounds that he might bring bad luck. The English had ignored the World Cup tournaments until then and saw themselves as the only legitimate world champions after their victory against world champions Italy in the "Battle of Highbury" in 1934. Due to the lack of a final, there was no final referee in the decisive top game (later as Maracanaço referred to) whistled the Englishman George Reader.

It went down in history under the name Maracanaço. At home, the team faced a lot of criticism, mainly because they did not play under the name Srpski mač, but called themselves the Kingdom's national team. The best-known adaptation of the Arminius motif of this time, Heinrich von Kleist's Battle of Hermann, which he wrote under the impression of the Napoleonic occupation of part of Germany in 1808, links the political myth with the current political situation. Before the preliminary round game between Germany and Hungary on June 23, 2021, the Munich city council requested UEFA to have the outer shell of the stadium lit up in rainbow colors for that game as a symbol of diversity and tolerance. On June 25th, they also defeated Turkey 3-2, making it their sixth European Championship final, which they lost 1-0 to Spain. June 10, 2010, accessed on March 29, 2022 (French). National Archief, accessed March 29, 2022 (Dutch). Waldhof loses and has to give up second place. The final round was played in two group phases. This meant, for example, B. India qualified for the finals without playing a single game.

The final round of the 1972 European Championships was held in Belgium. In the preliminary round of the European Championship, the Belgians were also clear outsiders against hosts Italy, the team of England and Spain, which was full of European Cup winners. The 1-0 win against Spain is considered an own goal by Spaniard José Parra Martínez. For the 2018/19 to 2020/21 seasons, the rule is that only the champions are promoted directly to the 3rd league; the runners-up no longer have any possibility of promotion. The Brazilian national team's uniform, which had been white until that day, was no longer worn. From 2009 to 2011, the German players also wore the FIFA Trophy badge for the current world champion on the right side of their jersey. However, Uruguay became world champions for the second time, defeating Brazil in the decisive final game of the final group. The Brazilian side later complained that the decisive game against Uruguay was their sixth, but only the fourth for the eventual world champions. This initially came to Germany as a special model “Sport”, which was so successful that the Fiesta Sport is now part of the regular sales range. The jersey in particular is a symbol of the German national football team.

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