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In the years 14 to 16 AD, archaeologists will examine the industrial monument until the end of March, then the road builders will arrive. Despite a desolate second half of the season, the Arminen ended up thirteenth again, which was also due to the weakness of the competition in the relegation battle. With his hypothesis that Arminius was merely the treacherous, oath-breaking leader of a mutiny of Germanic auxiliaries, Timpe created a counterpoint to the conservative-pathetic national historical tradition that saw Arminius as the prudent leader of the Germanic freedom movement. The idea that Arminius was prevented from establishing a permanent central authority by his relatives was seen as the tragic and warning example of his time, according to Justus Möser, who wanted to support the political cohesion of the German territories internally through literature. A connection between the victory of Arminius and the Nibelungenlied therefore remains very questionable, especially because of the assumption of a time gap of more than twelve centuries between the historical event and its writing. Tacitus describes the battle as a great Roman victory, Arminius was seriously wounded in the battle and only managed to escape capture by smearing his face with his own blood. From 1998 to 2000 in the service of the KAC, Austrian champion, Swedish champion, three times runner-up with Sweden, most assists in the Swedish elite league of all time, 138 assists in 99 games for the KAC, one of the best playmakers ever in Austria have played.

For the 125th anniversary celebrations on August 16, 2000, the Hermannsdenkmal was less a place of national identification and more of a marketing tool. During the entire National Socialist era there was no spectacular major event at the Hermannsdenkmal. The spectacle was also a great success for tourists; half a million visitors found their way to the Hermannsdenkmal during the time of the wrapping. In addition to child-friendly events, the “Arminis” offer their members childcare during home games and discounts on fan items. The Arminis also organize trips to Arminia’s away games. The Hildesheim silver treasure was already interpreted by Höfler as Varus’ tableware and Arminius’ spoils of victory. It has also been suggested that the invisibility cloak is linked to the fact that Arminius lived like a Roman for years and was therefore invisible to his people. Furthermore, not a single source mentions the rebellion of an auxiliary unit against the legions of Varus, although this was a serious incident would have been. Since it was customary at the time of Augustus for a non-Roman to take on the name of the Roman who had given him this right when transferring citizenship, it is also assumed that an Etruscan knightly family of the Arminii was the namesake and Arminius was therefore a nomen act gentile. Arminius defeated the Roman occupying forces with a surprising blow in the Battle of Varus.

Lohenstein thus describes the present in the guise of ancient history, although he aligns the plot very closely with the sequence of historical events after the Battle of Varus as reported by Tacitus. In describing the events between the Battle of Varus and the murder of Hermann, they not only use a new lyrical-declamatory tone, but also appear particularly operatic and stylized in the feelings they express. After moving to the New York Cosmos in 1975, he won the US soccer championship once (1977) with his new club. In addition to the renaming, it was also decided to change the club colors in 1918. In the Baroque era, the French also saw themselves as descendants of the Germanic peoples and were not bothered by the fact that the Germans saw Arminius as a liberator of the fatherland. The visual language of his work, Tombs of Old Heroes, cheap football kit relates to political events. During the wars against Napoleon, Arminius' victory, interpreted as the Battle of Hermann, became a symbol of self-assertion and liberation from the French for the Germans.

The ancient authors do not provide any concrete figures about the Arminian army, which is why its strength was during the Germanicus campaigns (14 to 16 AD). June 2, 1971 remains a special date in the history of Panathinaikos to this day. At that time, the Equipe Tricolore had just won the world title for the first time in its history. Due to the First World War, the Portuguese national team's first game did not take place until seven years later, on December 18, 1921, against Spain at the O'Donnell Stadium in Madrid. The celebration took place without national celebrities and received little response in the national press. What role Arminius actually played during the battle is uncertain, the only thing that is certain is that he was the commander-in-chief of the Germanic tribes, to whom he spoke on the battlefield. The players defended him and collectively refused to complete their training session; From then on it was the mole and not the attack against the coach that was pilloried; the coach was forced to read out a jointly written communique while the team hid in the bus. With Karl-Heinz Feldkamp came a new coach who gave the team a more offensive orientation. As in the 19th century, a significant number of historical novels have been published with increased interest since Kalkriese was identified as a battle site. After the first post-war season had to be canceled, the 1919/20 season in the single-track Westphalia district class also turned out to be difficult.